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Took the course out yesterday for it's maiden voyage. All went extremely well. Woo Hoo!!!

Took only 20 mins to put it in. And only about 15 mins to get it out.  No problems at all!!! We thought that was great for our first go.

Had the best day, our daughter Stephanie (12 years old) who has just started competing in slalom tournaments (mini course only) went extremely well. After only a couple of runs she completed a perfect run of the big buoys and then continued getting them all for a further few runs. We had a couple of 20 year old guys (who think they can ski well) with us and they had a go and couldn't even get 2 in a row. They couldn't believe how hard it is and Steph makes it look so easy. I had a go for the first time ever -  Naaahh  no trophies for me!!! I need a LOT more practice before I enter a tournament.

We want thank you again soooo much for your wonderful service, it's a fantastic ingenious idea. My husband Brook tells everyone about it and proudly displays your sticker.

Thank you again and we wish you all the best.

 Sharon and Brook - Brandy Hill, NSW Australia


I purchased an insta-slalom course over 10 years ago for summer use in Indiana.  After 5 years, we moved to Florida where it has been in the lake for the last 5 straight years.  As you know, we have had our share of difficult weather this year....3 hurricanes!!  My course survived ALL THREE hurricanes with no damage except after the most recent (and worst...Jeanne) we did discover a missing end gate ball ! My dock was a total loss, but I can still use the ski course!!

I won the Florida State, Southern Regionals, and took 2nd in Nationals M4 slalom training on your course.

Thanks for an accurate, simple and DURABLE product. 

Clermont, FL


Lucky Lowe Recommended and used by World Slalom Champion Lucky Lowe!

USA Water Ski Official portable slalom course of the AWSA. AWSA

Official portable course of the...

National Ski LeagueThe National Ski League is a group of local leagues across the United States for new and upcoming skiers with the emphasis on having good clean family fun.

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